5:00 P.M.


The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held a Called Meeting on Thursday, June 12, 2008 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were Chairman Tommy Rogers, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Scott Miller, County Administrator Marty Shingler and Clerk Donna Jones. Commission C. J. Hodge was absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


Commissioner Dell Shingler gave the invocation.


New Business:


It is time to renew the Property/Casualty insurance for the County.  We need to make the decision as to which company the County will contract with for the next year.

County Manager Marty Shingler gave a short presentation on the differences between the quote received by our current provider, Trident Insurance, and the quote received by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG).

When Trident Insurance was informed that we were getting comparative quotes, they dropped their price to $87,688.64.

ACCG’s quote is in the amount of $85,594

If we change providers, there will be a $7,378 additional premium to cover any claims that may come up during the changeover period.

Trident is a for-profit insurance company and ACCG is a non-profit organization.  Should ACCG show a profit at the end of the year they will return the profit to their customers.

County Manager Marty Shingler continued the discussion and pointed out some differences in coverage such as the differences in umbrella coverage. ACCG has waived the buy-in they have historically charged new customers. The board members of ACCG are county commissioners while Trident has a board of directors who make all of their decisions.

We have had no problems with the Trident coverage and have had very good service from their local representatives.

A burglary occurred at the Adult Learning Center and at that time we found that the building was not listed on the policy, therefore, we had no insurance coverage to repair the damages and replace the stolen items. If we had had the ACCG coverage at that time we would have been automatically covered simply because we owned the building.

We are currently participating in the safety program offered through ACCG which gives us a 5% or $5,000 discount on our next policy as well.

Shingler concluded by stating that the ACCG policy also provides more coverage with a greater umbrella amount than the Trident policy.

Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to go with the ACCG coverage and Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second. Motion passed.


The issue of replacing the flag poles in front of the Courthouse was tabled. Commissioner Harrison stated that once the City has completed their drainage project the County can continue with theirs which includes putting in a single flag pole to replace the two existing poles.


EMS Director Toby Roland addressed the Commission with a request to add an amplifier to the repeater system that is currently located at the landfill. The EMS radios won’t pick up traffic from the 911 center when they are in buildings with a lot of steel, such as the hospital or court house. The new EMS radios are running on their own signal now and will require the addition of 100 watts to the current 50 watt system.

GA-Two Way Radio has given the best quote to date and have also offered to allow us to demo the equipment for thirty (30) days in order for us to establish that this is indeed the cause of the signal problem.  The quote is $l,300 with installation included and could come from the SPLOST III account.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to approve the purchase from GA Two-Way Radio at the cost of $l,300 and to be paid from the SPLOST III account. The second was provided by Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.






Next was the issue of replacing the fence at the Road Department. Three quotes were provided for discussion.

1.                  Decatur Fence - $11,640

2.                  Colquitt Fence - $11,680

3.                  F&F Fence - $14,494

Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to go with the low bid from Decatur Fence. Commissioner Dell Shingler provided the second. Motion passed.


There has been a request to allow a Democratic Party forum to be held in the courthouse. This item has been tabled until County Manager Marty Shingler can obtain a legal opinion from the County Attorney. This item will be on Monday, June 16, 2008, agenda. Commissioner Scott Miller stated that in order to use the courtroom we would also have to obtain permission from Judge Lane.


Commissioner Scott Miller asked if anything had been done to address former Sheriff Jerry Godby’s request that we look into backdating his hire date for purposes of retirement.

Discussion on the issue resulted in asking Manager Shingler write a letter to Mr. Godby informing him that the issue has been voted on in the past and his request is again denied.

Mr. Shingler is to have the letter to Mr. Godby before next Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting.




The Commission was reminded that they need to get together and decide what newspaper ads they would be running to promote the upcoming SPLOST IV Special Election to be held on July 15, 2008.





With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller with Commissioner Alton Harrison and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.


ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF JUNE, 2008



Tommy Rogers

Dell Shingler

Alton Harrison

Scott Miller