MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008

6:00 P.M.




               American Tower, Inc. is requesting to have rezoned two pieces of property from Agricultural to Commercial for the purpose of installing
cell phone towers. The properties are as listed:

(1)   100’ x 100’ lease area for 300’ Self Support Tower for Singular cell phone service. The property is located on
Robbie Forrest Road.  Tax Map #23, Parcel #22. This parcel is a portion of 136.49 acres owned by Julius Bertram
Thomas, Jr.

(2)   50’ x 78.87’ lease area for cell tower. This property is located on Luke Johnson’s property on Hwy. 253.  Land lot 139,
21st district.

(3)    Mr. Charles Brown is requesting a hardship variance allowing for two mobile homes to be placed on one piece of
property due to chronic medical conditions.






MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008

6:00 P.M.



The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meeting on Monday, June 16, 2008
immediately following the Public Zoning Hearing. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commission C. J. Hodge, Commissioner Scott Miller, County Administrator Marty Shingler and Clerk Donna Jones.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


Commissioner C. J. Hodge gave the invocation.


Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to approve the minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting of May 19, 2008 and the Called Meeting of May 29th, 2008. Commissioner Dell Shingler provided the second. Motion passed.


Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to accept the two (2) zoning changes and allow for the one (1) hardship zoning variance as approved by the Zoning Board and presented by Zoning Administrator, Bill Kennedy. The second was provided by Commissioner C. J. Hodge. Motion passed.


Mr. Frank Yancey, Coordinator for the Golden Triangle RC&D (Resource Conservation and Development), gave a brief presentation on how they work with communities on a variety of projects, securing and administering grants, holding workshops, and helping to bring community organizations together to work on reaching goals for the community.

The RC&D works on projects that deal with economic development, maintaining resources and in general helping out the communities.

The Spring Creek Watershed project which protects the Spring Creek waterways is funded with a grant through the RC&D. Other projects around the state include irrigation programs for farmers as well as poultry incinerators and stack houses.

 A request had been previously submitted by Roger Varnadore of the Georgia State Probation Office to supply additional office space for their department. The State currently provides office space in the Ponders building which Mr. Varnadore reports are no longer sufficient.

During open discussion one option presented was to remodel a portion of the State Farmers Market Building converting it to office space. The Commission asked that County Manager Marty Shingler get together a couple of quotes on how much it would take to remodel the building in question.

If the SPLOST IV referendum passes, this would give another option of being able to provide the requested additional office space. The referendum includes the building of a Courthouse Annex which may free up needed office space in the Courthouse.

This issue will be re-addressed once more information has been gathered.


As requested by Citizen Lindsay Register, Commissioner Scott Miller gave an update on plans for future use of the old Seminole County Training School. Mr. Register is pursuing funds through Sanford Bishop’s office and would require a long term lease of the property from the County. The Commission will be updated as more information is made available.

After a brief discussion Commissioner C. J. Hodge made the motion to accept the Animal Control Ordinance as presented. Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.

 It is understood that the Ordinance is a beginning for animal control in the County and will be amended as the need arises.

Information requested from Decatur County has not yet arrived and will be addressed at a later meeting.


The Commission gave the Democratic Party permission to hold a forum in the Superior Courtroom. The County cannot provide refreshments or any other financial support to the forum. Superior Court Judge, Ronnie Joe Lane, has given permission for use of the Courtroom after hours or on a weekend. Should the request include use on a weekday, the court calendar will have to be consulted through Ms. Debbie Womble in Judge Lane’s office.


The issue of inmate medical care has been tabled until additional information has been provided from ACCG.


Lastly Commissioner Scott Miller asked if we had received a list of vehicles driven by county employees and for what purposes they are driven. Also, with the Road Department having been working four (4) ten (10) hour days for the past month, are any figures available for fuel cost savings?

Chairman Rogers stated that they are working on the list of vehicles and will have it together soon. County Manager Shingler stated that
it would take two to three months to be able to come up with figures on fuel savings for the Road Department. Also, in the decision to go to a four day workweek was the added benefit of fuel cost savings to the employees who would only have to drive to town four days
per week.




ACCG Memorandum:

            HB1245, which makes comprehensive revisions to the Public Defender Program was signed into law and has four (4) seats
on the Standards Council reserved for County Commissioners and two (2) seats on each local panel reserved for County
Commissioners.  ACCG is asking for your nominations to serve on these committees.


            Chairman Tommy Rogers and Commissioner Dell Shingler have agreed to serve on a local panel.




With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Alton Harrison, seconded by Commissioner Dell Shingler with Commissioners C. J. Hodge, Scott Miller, and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.


ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF JULY 2008



Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

C. J. Hodge