MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008

6:00 P.M.



Mr. Glenn Heard requests a zoning change from Agricultural to R-2 for 27.30 acres located at Bowen Earnest Road and Braswell-Godby Road in Reynoldsville. The property is to be sub-divided into residential lots.


The subject property is described as part of the deed recorded in Deed Book 136, Pages 661-662.


This request was approved by the zoning board at a meeting held earlier this evening.






MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008

6:00 P.M.

The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 21, 2008 immediately following the Public Zoning Hearing. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commission C. J. Hodge, Commissioner Scott Miller, County Administrator Marty Shingler and Clerk Donna Jones.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.

Citizen Harold S. Coppinger gave the invocation.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to approve the minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting of June 16, 2008 and the Financial Statements from May and June 2008. Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.

Committee Reports.

Commissioner Scott Miller gave a brief update on his communications with Decatur County concerning their assistance with our animal control situation.  Commissioner Miller reported that his last communication was about two weeks ago and at that time they reported that they are having problems with their system right now and we would have to get back with them at a later date. Commissioner Miller volunteered to follow-up and give us a report at a later date.

Recreation Committee member Alton Harrison stated that they had been talking with Mr. Herman Brookins concerning buildings and equipment for the ballpark. Commissioner Harrison turned the floor over to Mr. Herman Brookins.

Mr. Brookins reported that back in January a list of projects was presented to the Commission for approval. These projects were to be funded with funds remaining in the SPLOST III Recreation distribution.

Mr. Brookins reported that as the ballpark project has moved forward they have found  the need to revise the list.

The original request included the purchase of two (2) scoreboards and (2) gators. The Foundation paid for the scoreboards and it is found that purchasing golf carts as needed instead of gators would be much more cost efficient.

Since the request in January we found that we needed an additional parking lot and this project ended up costing some $27,500 in materials and an additional $3,750 in labor.

Mr. Brookins reported that he would like to use the remaining funds to add a lean-to that would adjoin the existing maintenance building. Building the lean-to for equipment will free up the existing building for sporting equipment and concession stand storage.

This would also allow the additional concession stand to be built on a smaller scale as there would not be a need for a storage room in that building. The new concession stand will be single story with a metal roof and will be built of the same materials and of the same style as the others.

Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve the requested changes and Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second.  Motion passed.

Citizens Request:

Citizen Joe Forshee came to the Commission to present his complaint on First Responder Wayne Pinegar who works out of the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department.  Forshee reported that he had discussed the issue with several of the Commissioners.

Forshee further asked if we had a Decatur County ambulance parked over here. Chairman Rogers replied that yes we did have a Decatur County ambulance that was loaned to us when we had three (3) ambulances broken down and in for service.

Forshee continued by stating his dissatisfaction with the First Responder’s medical qualifications. Forshee stated that he felt the Lake residents are poorly represented by a first responder and he felt that we needed a Paramedic stationed at the Lake.

Mr. Schley Ricketson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, responded to Mr. Joe Forshee’s allegations concerning the conduct of first responder, Wayne Pinegar. Mr. Ricketson stated that he represented a number of the people in the Lake community whose experience with Wayne Pinegar is not consistent with the allegations made by Mr. Joe Forshee.

Continuing, Mr. Ricketson reported that last year, Wayne Pinegar responded to 58 fire calls which is more than any other firefighter in the SCVFD. He regularly attends fire unit meetings and takes advantage of firefighter training opportunities. He is fully qualified as a firefighter and freely gives of his off duty time to support the department.

Last year, Wayne Pinegar responded to 137 calls for medical assistance. Mr. Ricketson reported that as far as Wayne’s performance as a first responder is concerned, he had heard nothing but the highest praise from Lake residents until the complaint entered by Mr. Joe Forshee. Ricketson reported that he had spoken to Wayne and his supervisor , EMS Director Toby Roland, about the matter and concluded that Wayne acted in accordance with proper procedures. Ricketson concluded with stating that the Lake community is grateful to have a first responder located close by and the SCVFD is pleased to provide a work place for a first responder of Wayne’s caliber.

Citizen Lindsay Register, representing the All Neighborhood Development Corporation, again asked the Commission to enter into a 20-25 year lease for the training school property.

Mr. Register would like to see the property used to set up a reading assistance program and some sort of nutrition program to help alleviate the problem of babies being born with malnutrition. 

Lindsay went on to say that they could not develop the property until they could be guaranteed a lease from the County. Lindsay further desires the County to apply for a CDBG grant to renovate the building.

Mr. Lindsay will continue to update the Commission with developments in their development plan.

Old Business:

Commissioner Scott Miller asked if we had completed compiling a list of the County vehicles driven by employees. Clerk Jones replied, yes, and she will email the document to Miller.

New Business:

Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to approve the zoning change for Mr. Glenn Heard as described above. Commissioner Dell Shingler gave the second. Motion passed.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to re-appoint Catherine Pugh to serve another term on the DFACS board which will expire June 30, 2013. Commissioner C. J. Hodge provided the second. Motion passed.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to approve the amended county employee’s retirement plan administered through GEBCorp. Included in the motion was giving the power of attorney to the ACCG attorney enabling him to file the Plan on our behalf.  Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.  The process of Adopting the Amended and Restated Plan is required of the IRS every five (5) years in order to incorporate new laws.

Commissioner C. J. Hodge made the motion to nominate Ms. Annie Ruth Calloway to represent Seminole County in the Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force. Ms. Calloway presently represents the City of Donalsonville. Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second to the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve the “Debris Management Plan” to facilitate and coordinate the removal, collection, and disposal of debris following a disaster. Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed. This plan is a  new requirement of GEMA and FEMA and must be approved in order to qualify for any grants that may arise at the time of a disaster.

Chairman Rogers asked if any Commissioner had a particular request as to where to place the memorial marker located at the GSP facility on Highway 84. The marker can remain where it is or moved to the courthouse grounds.  The decision will be made at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Commissioner Scott Miller reported that he had made a trip to Valdosta concerning  recycling. There he was informed that the grant process is open until August 8,  2008.

Miller then asked County Manager Marty Shingler to look into completing an application using Decatur County’s grant application as a template. Decatur County was successful in obtaining a grant using their application format.

Chairman Tommy Roger reported that progress is being made on the Reynolds Landing/Spring Creek Park and that we would be applying for a grant to install a walking track.

Responding to a request for an update, Chairman Rogers reported that the State Park pavilion project is being worked out. Two sites at the park for the pavilion were rejected, one because of gophers and the second due to wiregrass. The County has agreed to allow the State to find a suitable place on the park to build the facility.

Commissioners Scott Miller and Alton Harrison agreed to serve on the recycling committee and information concerning recycling of computers, copiers, FAX machines and other electronic materials will be forwarded to them.


ACCG 2008 Fall Policy Conference – October 8-10, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Commissioners Training classes: Federal and State Relations or Financial

 Management 1.  Commissioners must register before September 12, 2008.

Golden Triangle RC & D Executive Board & Council Board Members meeting to be held Tuesday, July 29th at 7:00 p.m. at Helen’s Pirate Cove in Colquitt.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Scott Miller, seconded by Commissioner C. J. Hodge with Commissioners Alton Harrison, Dell Shingler and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.



Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

C. J. Hodge