10:00 A.M.




               The Seminole County Industrial Authority has requested the County Commission levy a ¼ mill property tax for the purpose of purchasing property and developing infrastructure for a new Industrial Park.


               Chairman Rogers reminded those in attendance that this is not a new tax being levied on the taxpayers of Seminole County. In recent years the County has funded the Industrial Authority through the General Budget by way of a line item equal to approximately ¼ mil of that year’s ad valorem tax. However, this year the Commission chose to list the Industrial Authority on a separate line item on the tax bill in order for the public to better understand what they are funding.


               Chairman Rogers opened the floor for questions and comments from the public. With no comments or questions, Chairman Rogers closed the hearing.






10:00 A.M.




The purpose of this public hearing is to inform the public of the millage rate for the County portion of the 2008 ad valorem tax. The meeting to adopt the millage is set for September 11, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. in the Superior Courtroom. The County’s portion of the millage rate for the 2008 tax

year is 13.420.  The County’s portion of the millage rate for 2007 was 13.698


Chairman Rogers opened the floor for comments and questions from the public.


Citizen Otis Pauley asked for the times and dates of the 2nd and 3rd meetings to be held before the adoption of the millage rate.  Clerk Jones informed Mr. Pauley that the 2nd meeting was scheduled for 6:30 this evening, August 28th and the 3rd meeting is scheduled to be held September 4th at 5:30 p.m.

Pauley then asked if the millage rate was on the present property values or if the property would be reassessed. 

Tax Commissioner, Dena Hornsby, responded that the State requires a total reevaluation of the property every five years.  This year farmland and small tracts of land were the only properties that were reassessed.


Chairman Rogers asked County Manager Marty Shingler to comment on the current situation of the Homestead Tax Relief Grants.

Shingler stated that the homestead exemption credit that appears on our tax bills every year depends on annual appropriation from the Legislature. Over the years the credit has increased from $2,000 to what is now an annual credit of $8,000. In this past winter’s session of the general assembly they once again included the statewide credit to cities and counties. The credits totaled in the state’s appropriations bill amounted to approximately $428 million. The credit was approved, passed, and signed into law and is law at this moment. However, Governor Sonny Purdue has put a hold on the credit.

Governor Purdue does not have the authority to cancel the credit, therefore, the issue will come up again in January 2009 or possibly sooner if they are called back into session. As you may know, the State has announced that they are short on funds for their budget in the amount of $l.6 billion. We do not know if we will receive the tax credit for this year, therefore, there will be a line item on your tax bill for the credit with a note stating that if the Legislature does not approve the credit we



will have to send a secondary property tax bill later in the year billing the taxpayers for the credit we should have received from the State. The tax credit is approximately $200 per year on each tax bill.


With no further comments or questions from the floor, Chairman Rogers closed the hearing.









10:15 A.M.



The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held a Called Meeting on Thursday, August 28, 2008 immediately following the 2008 Millage Public Hearing. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commission C. J. Hodge, County Administrator Marty Shingler and Clerk Donna Jones. Commissioner Scott Miller was absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


Commissioner Alton Harrison gave the invocation.


Mr. Herman Brookins, representing the recreation facility addressed the Commission. As the first matter of business, Mr. Brookins introduced Wendell Jordan as the new recreation director.

Brookins spoke concerning capital purchases for the facility. Mr. Brookins stated that they were again asking to re-prioritize capital purchases for the facility. Due to recent break-ins, Mr. Brookins stated that he felt there was an urgent need to put a security system in place. There have been three (3) recent break-ins and the intruders were apprehended by Director Wendell Jordan.

Mr. Brookins stated that there were items that needed to be purchased for the recreation facility before funds would be coming in from the recently passed SPLOST IV which goes into effect October 1st, 2008. Brookins stated that he would be willing to make the purchases himself and would wait to be reimbursed until the SPLOST IV capital fund built up. Brookins has a priority list that totals approximately $31,500 and includes a pump house that would keep the pump from freezing, bleachers, signs, and small lawn maintenance equipment, two pitching machines for the two batting cages, storage for sporting equipment and excess concession stand supplies, a press box and the security system. Brookins would present a list of upcoming purchases to be approved by the Commission before making the purchases.

Commissioner C. J. Hodge asked how much of the recreation facility would be covered with the security system. Brookins replies that the security system would have sixteen (16) wireless cameras and the full system would be monitored by a screen at the Donalsonville Police Department. The cameras to be installed first would cover the walking track, the basketball courts, the pavilion, and each of the concession stands. Additional cameras would be installed at a later date.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to have Mr. Brookins present a list of equipment to be purchased and once approved by the Commission he can make the purchases and will be reimbursed as SPLOST funds are made available. Commissioner Dell Shingler provided the second. Motion passed.

Mr. Brookins provided the Commission with the first list of items he would like to purchase. Once the Commission has reviewed the list, Mr. Brookins will be contacted and given the approval to purchase or given the name of any item not approved for purchase.


Sheriff Dale Swanner came before the Commission with the request to have the earlier purchase of a new ice machine for the jail reclassed from the SPLOST III Fund to the Jail Fund. This would free up $2,900 in SPLOST to add to the approximate $6,000 remaining in the Sheriff’s Office allocation.  Once this item is reclassed it will free up approximately $9,000 to make the first of four annual payments on a new cruiser.

Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to move the $2,900 from SPLOST III to the Jail Fund. Commissioner C. J. Hodge provided the second. Motion passed.

Sheriff Swanner then reviewed the cost of a new 2009 Ford Crown Vic with the purchase price of $31,100. The down payment would be made from the SPLOST III Fund and the remaining three annual payments would come from the SPLOST IV Fund once funds are made available. Swanner stated that he wanted to start the new SPLOST Fund on an even keel. The previous SPLOST started with them being $100,000 in the red and it took them the remainder of the five years to catch up and end in the black.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to approve the purchase of the vehicle and Commissioner Dell Shingler provided the second. Motion passed.


Sheriff Swanner also discussed the cash bond account that has been accumulating money over the years. Swanner spoke with the CPA to see if he is allowed to turn the fund over to the Commission. After talking with Mrs. Margaret “Margo” Harrell with Burke, Worsham and Harrell, Sheriff Swanner was informed that the funds had accumulated from several sources including interest and she would have to review the work papers to see how much can be submitted to the County. Also Swanner learned that he could not turn the account over to the County without a court order. There is approximately $30,000 in this account.






With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner C. J. Hodge with Commissioners Alton Harrison, Commissioner Scott Miller and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.





Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

C. J. Hodge