6:00 P.M.




The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meeting on Monday, February 16, 2009. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, County Administrator Marty Shingler, Deputy Clerk Marian Jones, and several County employees.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


Commissioner Alton Harrison gave the invocation.


Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to accept the minutes from the January 20, 2009 Regular Monthly Meeting. Commissioner Alton Harrison made the second. Motion passed.


Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to accept the January 2009 financial statement. Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:


Sheriff Heath Elliott provided information on the purchase of a new K-9 unit for the Sheriff’s Dept. The purchase price which includes the dog, handler training, kennel with concrete slab and certificate would be for $8,284.24. The dog will be available to put in place by the end of the month. The motion to purchase the K-9 unit was provided by Commissioner Dell Shingler with the stipulation that it will be used at the Middle/High School on a regular basis. The second was provided by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


Committee Reports:


Chairman Rogers reported that he, Commissioner Shingler and Commissioner Peterson have just returned from the ACCG Legislative Conference in Atlanta. Rogers further reported that the State is in a bad financial situation and is in no shape to assist Seminole County.


New Business:


County Manager, Marty Shingler, updated the Commission concerning bids for vegetation retardation applications along the County roadways. Shingler stated that since the last meeting we have received one additional bid, however, the new bid is for labor only. Shingler will notify the company of the type of chemicals and quantity thought to be needed for a complete bid.


Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion with Commissioner Scott Miller providing the second to have the approved written minutes of the Commission meetings serve as the official record. Motion passed. This action has been taken due to the degradation of recording tapes over time.


County Agent Rome Ethredge sent in a request to have the remaining budget for a home demonstration agent used to fund a part-time person to replace retiring Ann Hudgins. This issue was tabled to a later date.


Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to grant Recreation Director, Wendell Jordan’s, request to open a bank account at PeoplesSouth Bank. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.



The request by Recreation Director, Wendell Jordan, to change/add wording in the recreation department’s policies and procedures manual was tabled. Shingler is working with Jordan and the recreation committee to develop new wording.


The Mental Health Planning Board has asked the County to appoint a representative to their board to replace outgoing Tony White. Commissioner Shingler stated that she would approach someone to check on willingness to serve.


At request of the Tax Assessor’s office, Commissioner Harrison made the motion to approve the renewal contract with Norman and Associates. Commissioner Peterson provided the second. Motion passed.


Zoning Administrator, Bill Kennedy, presented a set back variance request on two lots on Spring Creek for Mr. Richard Squires. On recommendation by Kennedy, Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve the request and Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.


As follow-up on a previous request to purchase GPS units to be placed in our ambulances, Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve the request with the maximum purchase of three units limited to a purchase price of $250 per unit. Commissioner Brenda Peterson provided the second. Motion passed.


Chairman Rogers stated that the roof on the pavilion at Spring Creek Park needed to be replaced. County Manager Shingler and Chairman Rogers agreed that replacing the roof with a more durable metal roof would be the best way to go. Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to approve the bid process for a new roof on the pavilion. Commissioner Harrison provided the second. Motion passed.


Rogers continued that the picnic tables and benches have been removed and will need to be replaced. The road department is examining a picnic table with benches that was left on the park premises in order to determine whether or not they would be able to construct replacement units.


Commissioner Dell Shingler asked for permission to put out for bid repairs/renovations that need to be done to the Probate Judge’s office. This office was not included in the last courthouse renovation. These updates would include paint, flooring and furniture. Commissioner Shingler made the motion to proceed with the bid process and Commissioner Brenda Peterson provided the second. Motion passed. Sheriff Elliott remarked that he would be able to provide inmate labor to help with the renovation.


Commissioner Dell Shingler asked what facility EMT Wayne Pinegar is using for office space. Chairman Rogers replied that he is still using the FDR building.

After a brief discussion, Commission Tommy Rogers requested moving the old EMS mobile home to the lake and use it for EMS services in the area. This issue is a result of not being able to come to terms with the Spring Creek VFD for the use of their facility for EMT Wayne Pinegar.

Chairman Rogers reported that Donalsonville Hospital is willing to lease a vacant lot to the County for the amount of $1 per year. Rogers would like to move the mobile home to that lot and have EMT Pinegar work out of one side and have the other side used as a Sheriff’s Office satellite station. 

Shingler then suggested that the mobile home unit be used for office space for Road Department Supervisor, Bobby Aiken and Building Inspector, Bill Kennedy. Moving Mr. Kennedy out of the courthouse would free up valuable office space.

Shingler asked that Clerk Donna Jones search previous meeting minutes to determine if there was any mention of how the mobile home was to be used when the EMS was able to vacate.


The old storage building at the former EMS site will be offered to the Fire Department for a practice burn. If they do not want the building, it can be pushed over by the Road Department.



Shingler next stated that we were approaching mowing season and wanted to know who will be cutting the grass at the courthouse, EMS facility and Sr. Citizen’s Center. Previously the recreation department was responsible for maintaining the grounds of the Sr. Center.

Chairman Rogers said we could advertise for a part-time employee to help with the lawn maintenance as well as items like changing light bulbs and air conditioner filters. Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to advertise for a seasonal employee with landscaping experience. Commissioner Alton Harrison made the second. Motion passed.




County Agent Marty Shingler announced that an engineer will be on site next week to look at the drainage situation previously brought to the Commission’s attention by J. B. Clarke. The request was to channel water into fish pond drain from a subdivision he is developing.




With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller with Commissioners Brenda Peterson,  Alton Harrison and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.


ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF MARCH, 2009





Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Brenda Peterson