MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2009

1:00 P.M.


The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Initial FY10 Budget Work Session on Monday, April 13, 2009 in the Courthouse Law Library located on the first floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, and Clerk Donna Jones. Commission Scott Miller was absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


Chairman Rogers gave the invocation.


This was the initial meeting for each department to present their budget requests for

FY 10. There was general discussion as to requests for increases in line items as they were presented.

Discussion on line items will begin at the next scheduled meeting which will be Monday April 20th after the regularly scheduled monthly commission meeting.


On other business, Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to accept Scott Mitchell as our second representative on the SGRITA board. Commissioner Scott Miller made the second, motion passed.


Sheriff’s deputy Todd Kirkland addressed the board concerning the time he will be missing from work due to an injury he received while performing his duties as a Deputy Sheriff. The issue was turned over to the personnel committee.


On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Alton Harrison the board entered into Executive Session. Motion passed.


On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Alton Harrison the board re-entered the general session. Motion passed.


On a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler, a letter will be sent to Edward and Steve Enfinger concerning the fence they had been ordered to take down on south Hwy. 374. The motion also included instructions to County Manager Shingler to place an ad in the Donalsonville News requesting that citizens correct any encroachments they have made onto the County’s right-of-way. The second was provided by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.


On follow-up to a previous request, Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to allow Mr. and Mrs. Toby Phillips to complete their motorcycle safety training on the Farmer’s Market property. The Phillips’ have provided the Commission with a certificate of liability insurance. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.





With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Alton Harrison, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller with Commissioner Dell Shingler, and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.


ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF MAY 2009



Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Brenda Peterson