MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009

6:00 P.M.




The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 20, 2009. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, County Administrator Marty Shingler, Clerk Donna Jones, and several interested citizens.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers


Commissioner Alton Harrison gave the invocation.


The Minutes from the Regular Meeting June 15th, 2009 and the June 2009 Financial Statements were approved on a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler with the second by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:


In response to a request from Sheriff Heath Elliott, Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to allow Chairman Rogers to sign the ACCG’s “Inmate Medical Savings Program”. This program is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield and will be the insurance program used to obtain medical care for inmates.

Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second, motion passed.


E-911 Director, Paula Whaley, asked that the Commission meet with her in order to review a budget for the E-911 department. The Commission agreed to meet at a later date that will coincide with a public hearing.


Committee Reports:


Commissioner Dell Shingler reported that the Commission needs to get together and decide how to proceed with the courthouse grounds and courthouse annex projects. After a brief discussion, it was decided to have Clerk Jones look into having a one day retreat where the Commission could focus on such future projects. 


Ms. Annie Ruth Calloway, from the Housing Taskforce, informed the Commission that she will be attending a meeting in Camilla this Thursday to discuss a housing grant they have been working on. She will report the outcome of the meeting at a later time.


Citizens Request:


Ms. Jennifer Y. Edwards, from the U.S. Department of Commerce/U.S. Census Bureau updated the Commission with a call to action on the upcoming Census 2010. 

Ms. Edwards stated that in the 2000 Census, Seminole County’s response was some 13% lower than the national average and we’re hoping to get a better response next year.

The U.S. Constitution requires a national census once every ten (10) years with the first census having been taken in 1790. In 2010 the census questionnaires will be delivered or mailed to households via U.S. mail in March and will be due on April 1st.

Census data is used to allocate federal tax dollars; guide planning for new hospitals, roads, job training centers, schools and more. Ms. Edwards went on to say we would need to set up eight (8) committees with three (3) to eight (8) members each who would work with her on the countywide census. The cities and county could join together to appoint members of these committees and there would be one liaison that would be appointed by the Commission.

Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to allow the Chairman to appoint the liaison, the second was provided by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.

Citizens wishing to volunteer to serve on a census committee should contact the Commissioner’s office at 524-2878.


New Business:


Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve another term for Ms. Harriett Fennell on the Seminole County DFCS Board. Commissioner Brenda Peterson made the second, motion passed.


Photographer Mark Atwater presented the rough draft of an ad that will be placed in the October issue of Georgia County Government magazine. The issue will focus on several counties in southwest Georgia, including Seminole. The ad was developed in such a way that inlaid photos can be swapped out easily to suit ads for the Chamber etc.


After a brief discussion, the Commission agreed to proceed with developing an annual boat launch pass. The annual fee will be $30 and can be used at any County maintained boat launch.


The Commission was given a print-out on a VISA purchase card. The issue was set aside to be reviewed again when we proceed with construction of future building projects.


On a motion by Commissioner Alton Harrison the regular monthly commission meetings will go back to the second Tuesday of the month beginning with the August meeting. The meeting will continue to begin at 6:00 P.M. The second was provided by Commissioner Scott Miller, motion passed.


On a motion made by Dell Shingler and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, the old EMS double-wide mobile home will be turned over to the road department to use as office space.


The issue of refinishing the wooden floors in the courthouse was postponed until a later date.


There is a need to replace the road department’s service truck. The existing truck has had the rear end go out for the second or third time and will have to be replaced again before the vehicle can be sold.

One quote was brought forth for a used vehicle. Road Department Supervisor, Bobby Aiken, was instructed to see if the remaining warranty on the vehicle would transfer with the purchase.


The issue of being able to draw a county funded disability retirement without a determination letter from the Social Security Administration was postponed until a legal opinion could be obtained from the plan’s sponsor, GEBCorp.  Once the legal opinion has been obtained the Commission will once again address the issue.


The request for funding from the Pataula Center for Children will be addressed at next year’s budget work sessions.


The last item to be discussed is a drainage problem in the area of Nichols Subdivision. There’s a sharp drop off which has caused an erosion problem and the road department is requesting that a concrete flume be built to give us a permanent solution to the problem. The road department has built a berm to handle it temporarily. The landowner has agreed to give the County an access deed and easement along with permanent maintenance rights. On a motion by Commissioner Alton Harrison and the second by Commissioner Dell Shingler, permission was granted to obtain quotes for the concrete plume. Motion passed.
















The Commission will be holding a “Public Hearing” to discuss the drainage ditch and irrigation system end-gun situation in Seminole County. Please watch for newspaper announcements for the place, date and time.





With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller with Commissioners Alton Harrison, Dell Shingler and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.







Tommy Rogers

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller