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The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting, on Tuesday, December 8th, 2009. The meeting was held in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Seminole County Courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller and Commissioner Brenda Peterson, County Administrator Marty Shingler, Clerk Donna Jones, and several interested citizens.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers

Commissioner Alton Harrison, gave the invocation.

The minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on November 10th and the minutes from the Called Meeting held on November 23rd were approved on a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler with the second by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed with Commissioner Scott Miller abstaining.

The financial statement for October 2009 was approved on a motion from Commissioner Alton Harrison with the second by Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:

Fire Chief, Travis Brooks, presented a quote from Southeastern Fire Services, LLC. The quote is for professional services the scope of which is to lower the ISO ratings in the unincorporated areas of the county. The vendor will work with each of the volunteer fire departments in order to survey what would needed to meet the requirements

The company would review written records to make sure all are compliant, offer ideas to lower the ratings and give estimated costs to meet the apparatus and equipment compliance standards.

The motion to approve the quote for service was provided by Commissioner Scott Miller, seconded by Commissioner Alton Harrison. Motion passed.


Citizens Request:

Citizen, Mr. Craig Huggins, presented photographs of the Donalsonville Fire Department facility and read a detailed statement which expressed his concerns for the existing facility as well as the delay in beginning a new structure.

Mr. Huggins asked for a show of hands for all Commissioners who have recently toured the Donalsonville Fire Department. Commissioner Dell Shingler stated that she had. Chairman Rogers stated that it is a city building therefore the County Commissioners would have no need to tour the building.

Mr. Huggins’ statement went on to discuss the eroding condition of the building and that some $500k SPLOST III funds have been collected for a joint Fire and EMS building.

Mr. Huggins asked that a date be set for the Fire Committee to meet. He continued that he believed that several people on the Fire Department Board should come off and we should add a couple of firemen since they are the ones who will be using the facility.

Commissioner Dell Shingler inquired as to whom he felt should come off the board and Huggins replied the EMS Director. Chairman Rogers then informed Huggins that the EMS Director was also the EMA Deputy Director. Mr. Huggins stated that he was not aware of this. Mr. Huggins then stated that he felt that the sheriff should come off the board. Commissioner Shingler asked if the Sheriff’s Department replied to fire calls. The reply was, yes, the Sheriff’s Department does respond to fire calls.

Commissioner Shingler then stated that she didn’t see a problem with adding a couple of firemen to the board as there was no requirement to have a certain number of members.

Chairman Rogers addressed Mr. Huggins and stated that the County has been collecting funds for the last five or six years to raise money to build a new Fire Department facility and he, Rogers, didn’t believe that the citizens of the County would want us to borrow the money and pay the interest.

Chairman Rogers reminded Mr. Huggins that the fire department facility is a City owned building not County owned, therefore, the City is responsible for the maintenance of the facility.

Discussion continued as to when the new facility would begin construction and Huggins asked if we had contracted with an architect, had we contracted with Mr. Roy Rankin as yet? (Mr. Rankin has been contracted to restore the Superior Courtroom as well as provide the design and supervise construction for a new roof for the courthouse).

Chairman Rogers explained that they had looked at three different fire department structures to date and that Mr. Rankin is looking at a few for us also.

Chairman Rogers stated that we would complete the current roof and courtroom project first and only then would we go forward with a second project. At that time we will have worked with Mr. Rankin long enough to know if we want to contract with him to build the fire department facility.

Mrs. Margo Harrell of Burke, Worsham and Harrell presented the 2009 audit report to the Commission. Mrs. Harrell stated that the management letter addresses issues such as separation of duties and who went over budget.

Mrs. Harrell stated that the audit went very smoothly again this year due to the cooperation of the Commissioner’s office staff as well as that of the Constitutional Officers.

Mrs. Harrell reported that the Transfer Station showed a decrease in net assets of $12,439 this year while the balance in the General Fund increased somewhat.

The probate/magistrate court is behind in turning funds over to the general fund and Mrs. Harrell thought that maybe that was due to a change in officers due to the election. Probate Judge, Amy Bagwell, has had to be out of town for a good deal of training. Mrs. Harrell further reported that she thought this would be caught up soon and funds should begin to be disbursed in the subsequent month.

Mrs. Harrell offered to meet with the Commissioners to answer any questions they may have once they’ve reviewed the audit and she concluded by thanking the Commission for allowing Burke, Worsham and Harrell to perform the audit again this year.

New Business:

On a motion by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Mr. Jamaca Coachman will be replacing outgoing board member Mr. Martin Pugh on the “Advocate for Needy, Underprivileged or Elderly” board. The second was provided by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.

Mrs. Reed Rognstad will be replacing outgoing Planning and Zoning board member, Clifford Watson, on a motion made by Commissioner Alton Harrison and seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.

Fire Department volunteers will be receiving a $25 check as a thank you for their service again this year. This Christmas gift was approved with a motion by Commissioner Alton Harrison and a second by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.

The vendor NaturChem Inc. offered to provide the roadside vegetation retardant spray service again this year at the same price as last year. This service would cost $20,250 for the upcoming calendar year.

Discussion included the disappointments the Commission felt about the service. Some areas along the road didn’t appear to be sprayed at all while in other areas all vegetation was killed leaving dirt patches.

After continued discuss, the Commission felt that the County would be better served by purchasing a new bat-wing mower with SPLOST funds and employing another person for the road department through the general fund. The additional employee could help in other areas of road department service when he/she is not mowing.

The motion to purchase a new bat-wing mower through SPLOST funds and hiring a new employee for the road department was made by Commissioner Alton Harrison with the second from Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.

On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller the Chairman signed an updated resolution with the Department of Natural Resources for a walking track application for Spring Creek Park. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.





Commissioner Dell Shingler asked if we had made any progress in finding a grant writer for the Seminole County Training School.

County Manager, Marty Shingler, replied that he had talked with our grant writer, Bob Roberson. Mr. Roberson is checking with some state contacts that he has in order to see what grants for which the project may qualify. Roberson said that he would get back with Marty and let him know what he found out and that if he didn’t feel like he could write the grant application he would recommend someone who could. Roberson is also checking with various housing authorities to see what funds they may have available.

Commissioner Shingler reminded everyone that the application deadline was either February or March and that we needed to submit it timely.

Several Commissioners thanked County Manager, Marty Shingler, for his years of service to the County. Chairman Rogers stated that under Mr. Marty’s leadership the County went from being in the “red” to being in the “black”.

Commissioner Harrison also thanked the City of Donalsonville for sharing Mr. Marty for all of these years.

Chairman Rogers stated that in the next regular monthly meeting, January 12, 2010, we would have to elect a new Chairman. Rogers asked the Commission to keep in mind who they wanted to serve as Chair for the next year.










On December 31st there will be a lunch to honor Marty Shingler’s years of service to the County. The lunch will be held at the Ag Center. All Commissioners and county staff are invited.



With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson with Commissioners Alton Harrison, Scott Miller and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.





Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Brenda Peterson

Scott Miller