6:00 P.M.




The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting, on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. Due to ongoing renovations in the Superior Courtroom, the meeting was held in the Probate Courtroom located on the first floor of the Courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, County Manager/Clerk Donna Jones, and several interested citizens.


The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


The invocation was offered by Commissioner Alton Harrison.


Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on August 10, 2010 and called meeting for budget amendment on August 31, 2010 were approved on a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.


The July, 2010 Financial Statement was approved on a motion by Commissioner Alton Harrison, and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:


EMS Director, Toby Roland provided three quotes to the Commission for an EMS radio repeater. The purchase will comply with the new narrowband frequency requirements set by the FCC. Roland stated that he prefers item #1, the Georgia Two-Way proposed repeater which has an additional 50 watts of power and also has the capability of converting from analog to digital with the flip of a switch. Roland further stated that he is working with Sheriff Elliott in order for them to purchase the same model repeater and if that can be worked out, the purchase price of the two units may be reduced. The EMS repeater purchase can be funded with SPLOST proceeds.

The three quotes received for the purchase are as follows:


1.      Georgia Two-Way, Inc. – Kenwood NXR-7000 150 Watt…$6,988

2.      Albany Communications – Motorola MTR 2000 100 Watt…$6,280

3.      SCI-2 Way – Kenwood NXR-7000 150 Watt …. $9,353.38


On a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler and seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller the purchase from Georgia Two-Way, Inc. was approved. Motion passed.


Citizens Request:


Mr. Johnny Hill reported that  Fish Pond Drain around the bridge on Highway 39 and the American Legion is overgrown and hindering drainage of stormwater. Mr. Hill asked that the Commission step in and do whatever they need to do to open the drain and keep it open. He asked if there was any kind of legal action that the Commission could take against the landowners who would not provide an easement to the drain.

Chairman Rogers replied that letters had been sent in the past and that we would once again consult our County Attorney for advice on this matter.


City of Donalsonville Mayor, Joe Burke, addressed the Commission with the request to abolish the Fire Department Committee that was established in September 2009. Burke stated that since the SPLOST III referendum and resolution stated that the funds collected would be for EMS and VFD Facilities, there was no need to have city employees on a committee to determine how to use the funds. Mayor Burke further stated that on the SPLOST IV referendum the City of Donalsonville has a line item of $275k for fire department facilities and they would use that to build a new firehouse.

The Commission replied that they would discuss dissolving the committee after the Seminole County Fire Department Committee had their initial meeting tonight.


New Business:


In an effort to receive better pricing by purchasing several pieces of equipment at a time, on August 12, 2010 the Commission released a bid request for three pieces of equipment for the road department: Motor Grader; Wheeled Excavator; and a Backhoe Loader.

After reviewing the pricing received for the three piece bid request, the Commission made the decision to refuse all bid responses and at this time release a bid request for the motor grader only. The motion was provided by Commissioner Alton Harrison with the second provided by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.


The Wheeled Excavator will not be due for the five year buyout until March 21, 2011. Just prior to that time a request for bid will be issued. The Backhoe Loader is not on a buyout system and a bid request will be issued prior to purchase. 


Mr. Don Merritt of Hattie Marine out of Panama City Florida gave a presentation and bid price for repairs to the bridge in the Treasure Lake Subdivision.  Mr. Merritt has taken the approach of drilling helical pilings beside the existing wooden pilings and encasing all in a concrete wall as well as replacing the wooden retention sidewalls with a concrete wall.


            The price for this repair is $ 99,200

            With engineering               $ 11,400

            Soil Testing approx.          $   2,500

            TOTAL                             $113,100


Additional quotes for this project were submitted by Southern Concrete Construction Co., Inc. for the replacement of the bridge and expanding the opening with rip-rap used to stabilize the bank. The quotes were $160,512 and $135,661 for various load factors and bridge expanse.


Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to go with the repair approach using Hattie Marine as the contractor. Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second. Motion passed.


Commissioner Scott Miller provided the motion to approve the health department providing flu shots for county employees again this year. Commissioner Brenda Peterson provided the second. Motion passed. The cost of the flu shots are $25 each.


Lastly on tonight’s agenda was the selection of a vendor to perform the Personal Property Tax Audit of Commercial & Industrial Personal Property accounts for the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Two vendors submitted quotes for the project:


            James Travis Gibbs ………………………….$  30,070

            Traylor Business Services……………………$256,780


Commissioner Alton Harrison made the motion to contract with the low bidder, James Travis Gibbs. Commissioner Dell Shingler provided the second. Motion passed.





Notice: The bridge at Burke Rd. over Fishpond Drain has been

deemed unsafe and closed by order of the GDOT. The bridge

is on the State’s replacement list for September 2011. We are

currently in the R.O.W. acquisition stage of this project. We

will try to have the State prioritize the project and give an earlier

 let date.



Commissioner Dell Shingler announced that the Harvest Parade would be held on October 16th and asked all other commissioners to contact her if they wish to participate.






With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Alton Harrison, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson with Commissioners Dell Shingler, Scott Miller and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.







Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Brenda Peterson