6:00 P.M.




The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting, on Tuesday, October 12, 2010. Due to ongoing renovations in the Superior Courtroom, the meeting was held in the Probate Courtroom located on the first floor of the Courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Alton Harrison, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, County Manager/Clerk Donna Jones, and several interested citizens.


The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


The invocation was offered by Commissioner Alton Harrison.


Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on September 14, 2010 were approved on a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.


The August, 2010 Financial Statement was approved on a motion by Commissioner Alton Harrison, and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:


E-911 Director, Paula Whaley, addressed the Commission with several issues.


The first issue was to inform the Commission that new legislation has been introduced to develop a 911 Authority Board statewide. Some funds that are being collected to be funding 911 services are being funneled into other State projects. Setting up an Authority Board would oversee the fees collected and assure that the funds are funneled back to the local governments as intended.


Secondly, Ms. Whaley announced that soon into the next fiscal year the 911 call center console will need to be replaced. As equipment becomes outdated the replacement parts are harder to get and can bring down the 911 call center for an indefinite amount of time.


Lastly, Ms. Whaley addressed her request for additional dispatchers in the 911 Call Center to bring the level of dispatchers to a minimum of two per shift. Whaley sited several incidents where staff was not adequate to handle the call volume: September 18, 2010 where twenty-eight (28) calls came into the call center in eleven (11) minutes; September 24, 2010 where four (4) calls came into the center in less than one (1) minute; September 29, 2010 where a train accident put six (6) calls into the call center in just over one (1) minute; and yesterday October 11, 2010 where seven (7) assorted calls came into the center in twenty-one (21) minutes. This does not allow for enough time for information to be gathered to route the call before another call comes in. Currently, one dispatcher takes the calls, dispatches officers, EMS personnel or Fire Department personnel while also handling the regular radio traffic.


Committee Reports:


Commissioner Brenda Peterson made the motion to stop the extra meal allowance of  daily hamburgers that have been provided for runarounds who perform work duties around the jail and courthouse. Some of the hamburgers are being thrown out and a better alternative would be to allow extra portions of the daily hot lunch for those runarounds who perform work outside the jail.  Commissioner Scott Miller provided the second. Motion passed.








Citizens Request:


Mr. Royce Davis with the Georgia Forestry Commission presented the annual forestry report for Seminole County.

Seminole County has a total of 45,900 acres of forested land under the protection of the Georgia Forestry Commission. Under the supervision of the Chief Ranger the county forestry unit has two full time personnel who maintain and operate two tractor-plow units. Fire towers are manned as required by the fire danger. The County is patrolled by air twice a day in search of wildfires, weather related damage and bug spots.

The report gives statistics for types of fires that occurred in the county for the fiscal year of 2010. The full report is available for review in the County Commissioner’s office.



Ms. Dale Brooks addressed the Commission with her desire to see a medical patient delivery service that would not tie up ambulances. Ms. Brooks’ is trying to find an alternative transportation source to get her mother to doctor’s appointments. Ms. Brooks reported that the MIDS transportation was not an acceptable service for this purpose as their priority is for Medicaid patients and appointments must be scheduled too far in advance. The names of several local transport companies were offered by those attending tonight’s meeting.


Secondly, Ms. Brooks asked the County to set up a fund for burial of indigent citizens of Seminole County. While Evans-Skipper has not had an indigent burial in several years, Moore’s Funeral Home has been holding two deceased persons for several weeks due to no family coming forward with funds for the burial services.

Chairman Rogers stated that the Commission has been warned not to set up such a fund because of abuse of such fund by citizens across the State. The Commission will do further research into the matter.


New Business:


Next on the agenda was the action to purchase a new motor grader for the road department to replace the 2005 Caterpillar 12H  five year (5) lease that has expired. Bids submitted were as follows:

            John Deere 670G sell price of $169,495 with a guaranteed five (5) year buyback of $105,000 and a trade-in  of the 2005 Caterpillar 12H of $112,000. John Deere quoted a finance interest rate of 2.75%.

            Caterpillar 12M sell price of $179,000 with a guaranteed five (5) year buyback of $110,000 and a trade-in of the 2005 Caterpillar 12H of $122,000. Caterpillar quoted a finance interest rate of 3.45%.

            Including finance charges the John Deere is approximately $4,400 less in price. The Commission expressed their desire not to be reduced to one vendor just because of the joystick steering.

Road Department Superintendent, Bobby Aiken, and motor grader operator, John Windham commented on the difference of the steering with John Deere having a steering wheel and Caterpillar having joystick controls. Windham has been driving a joystick controlled Caterpillar for the last couple o f weeks.

After continued discussion, the motion to purchase the Caterpillar 12M from Yancey Bros. was made by Commissioner Alton Harrison with second by Commissioner Scott Miller. Commissioner Brenda Peterson abstained. Motion passed.


The issue of setting default speed limits for paved and dirt roads in the County was next on the agenda. The request is to have the speed limit default for paved roads set at 45 mph and dirt roads set at 35 mph unless otherwise posted.

After discussion, Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to eliminate the default speed limit for paved roads and set the default speed limit for County dirt roads at 35 mph unless otherwise posted.  Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second. Motion passed.


The Commissioners were provided with a spreadsheet which provided details on twelve (12) different quotes for group health insurance plans. The current Aetna plan expires on October 31st and the current premium of $597.21 per full-time employee would be increased to $767.41 per month. Health insurance companies strive for a 28% profit and adjust renewal rates based on claims for the previous year.

After review of the benefits of several plans, Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to select United Health Care’s Plan G1D. The plan offers a $500 deductible for in network provider care and $1,000 for out of network care and the premium is $479.67 monthly for every full-time employee on the plan. Commissioner Alton Harrison provided the second. Motion passed. Details of each plan are available for review in the County Commissioner’s office.


The next item on the agenda is to set the millage rate for 2010.


2010                            2009          


State……………………………….     .250                           .250

Unincorporated County…..……      13.420                         13.420              

School Board…………………..      16.509                        11.510            Library…………………………….     .764                            .691             

TOTAL MILLAGE……………...30.943                         25.870    


The total increase from 2009 is 5.073 mills.


The motion to accept the millage rate as presented was made by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.


The final business item on the agenda was to receive suggestions for the “Performance Standard Considerations” for the Regional Plan being prepared by the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission.

Chairman Rogers stated that he had received a list of suggestions from the SWGRC and he would make them available to the other Commissioners.  The meeting to discuss the issue with the SWGRC has been postponed from Thursday, October 14th until a later date not yet announced.




The Grand Jury will be convened at 9:00 a.m. on October 18, 2010 and will re-convene as

necessary to conduct the business of the court. Due to the renovations in progress in the Courthouse, the Jury will meet at the Seminole County Agricultural Center located at 3041Town & County Rd.





With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Alton Harrison, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson with Commissioners Dell Shingler, Scott Miller and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.







Tommy Rogers

Alton Harrison

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Brenda Peterson