6:00 P.M.




The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chairman Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Commissioner Roger Lane, County Manager/Clerk Donna Jones, and several interested citizens.


The Chair was turned over to Commissioner Scott Miller for the purpose of accepting nominations for the 2011 Chairman. Commissioner Miller opened the floor for nominations. Only one nomination for Chair was offered, that of Tommy Rogers.  Commissioner Dell Shingler nominated Tommy Rogers for the position of Chairman for the year 2011, the motioned was seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. No other nominations were offered. Motion passed.


Chairman Rogers took the Chair and opened the floor for nominations for Vice-Chair. Commissioner Roger Lane nominated Commissioner Dell Shingler as Vice-Chair for 2011 with the second offered by Commissioner Scott Miller. No other nominations were offered. Motion passed.


The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


The invocation was offered by Commissioner Roger Lane.


Minutes from the Regular Monthly Meeting held on December 14, 2010 were approved on a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


The November,  2010 Financial Statement was approved on a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller, and seconded by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed.


Old Business:


County Administrator, Donna Jones, gave a report on the courthouse drainage project.

Three quotes have been received to alleviate the storm water situation at the front of the courthouse now that the new roof has been installed. The quotes also included replacing the existing sidewalk. There was such a difference in the price quotes that Jones felt that it would be best to have the project drawn up by an engineer to assure that each quote is for the same service.  The motion to approve obtaining of three quotes from engineers for the project was made by Commissioner Brenda Peterson and seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller. Motion passed.



New Business:


On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller the annual software/hardware support agreement with GSI was renewed. The motion for second was provided by Commissioner Dell Shingler. The contract is in the amount of $4,468 and covers hardware and software used by both the Tax Commissioner’s and the Tax Assessor’s offices.


Two bids were presented for the replacement of a backhoe for the Road Department. Yancey Brothers presented a bid for a net of $34,736 and Flint Equipment presented a bid for a net of $37,000. The unknown factor between the two bids was the cost of travel time and mileage. The bid submitted by Flint River for the John Deere 310SJ included TT&M for the full five (5) years of the lease agreement. The bid submitted by Yancey Bros. for the Caterpillar 420E-IT included TT&M for only one (1) year. Due to the unknown nature of repairs over

the full five (5) year contract, Commissioner Roger Lane made the motion to go with the all inclusive bid presented by Flint Equipment. The second was provided by Commissioner Dell Shingler. Motion passed.


The annual “Safety Coordinator Resolution” needed to meet the requirements for the safety discount on Worker’s Comp and Liability Insurance was approved on a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


After a brief discussion and with the conditions that the Corps of Engineers approve the project and the homeowner give the proper construction and maintenance easement, Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion to approve the storm water drainage project to be placed on Lakeview Drive. The second for the project was made by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed. The project will be funded with the road departments division of SPLOST funds and will include placing drainage culvert pipe under the road, buried pipe beyond the road and a concrete plume to carry storm water from the road to Lewis Pond.


There was a brief discussion as to the desire to hold an open house for the public to have an opportunity to view the renovations for the Superior Courtroom. The Open House will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8th before the regularly scheduled monthly commission meeting.




With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Scott Miller, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson with Commissioners Dell Shingler, Roger Lane and Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.







Tommy Rogers

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Brenda Peterson

Roger Lane