6:00 P.M.


The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regular Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the courthouse. Those present were, Chairman Tommy Rogers, Vice-Chair Dell Shingler Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Commissioner Roger Lane, and County Manager/Clerk Donna Jones. Several county employees were also present.


The Regular Meeting was called to order by Chairman Tommy Rogers.


The invocation was offered by Commissioner Dell Shingler.


The minutes from the Monthly Meeting held on August 9, 2011 as well as the minutes from the August 16 Called Meeting were approved on a motion by Commissioner Brenda Peterson with second by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed.


The July 2011 Financial Statement was accepted on a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller with the second by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed.


Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:


Sheriff Heath Elliott reviewed quotes from two vendors for the replacement of the camera system in the jail. The purchase was tabled from last month’s meeting and is being presented now for a decision. Elliott stated that he prefers the system quoted by Montgomery Technology Systems. The issue on the purchase is how the system will be funded. The inmate concession account has a balance of approximately $20,000 leaving the balance of the purchase to be made through other funding.

Elliott stated that he had asked both vendors to give quotes on just replacing the broken parts of the system so the concession account funds would be enough to cover replacing failed parts. That way the SPLOST funds could be used to purchase two new S. O. vehicles each year.  The new bids were not available to be presented. After a brief discussion Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to go with the full system offered by Montgomery Tech at $45,490. The remaining $25,490 will be paid through the Sheriff’s division of SPLOST IV funds. It was noted that we have to deal with needs for today and due to issues that have occurred in the jail, it was imperative that the full system be replaced as soon as possible. Next year we can see what additional funding may be made available to replace the funds used from SPLOST, such as, the disposal of confiscated property on the U.S. Marshall’s drug case that hasn’t been settled as yet. Commissioner Brenda Peterson provided the second to the motion. Motion passed.


 Montgomery Tech……………………$ 45,490

ADT…………………………………..$ 47,420


Later in the meeting, Elliott stated that the IT technology that the Corrections office is using is working well and the free trial period is now up. There will be a minimum monthly maintenance cost of $200 per month or $1 per case if the number of probationers exceeds two hundred. The ongoing maintenance cost was discussed some months ago along with the possibility of a tag on fee of five dollars on all applicable fines in order to cover technology services for the S. O; Corrections; Probate/Magistrate and the Clerk of Court.

Probate Judge, Amos Sheffield, reported that he had talked with State Representative Gerald Greene to determine if this add-on can be done at the County level or if local legislation will have to be introduced. Sheffield stated that he will get back in touch with Representative Greene to see what the process will be.

The issue came up of signing a contract with the vendor for maintenance when it has not yet been determined if the Sheriff will be allowed to keep the probation/corrections office. Chairman Rogers stated that we could pay the bill on a month-to-month basis for now. Elliott said he would check with the vendor to see if they would re-write the contract giving us an option out clause that would cover the possibility of losing the probation/correction division.


County Attorney Report:


County Attorney, Bill Mills, was not in attendance.

County Manager, Donna Jones, reported that the sales agreement for the borrow-pit site has been received and signed by the Chairman. Mr. John Waldroup, the landowner, will be in Friday to sign the documents and receive the earnest money. Once signed, the survey can be ordered.


The sales agreement for the land for the future site of a fire department facility to be located  at Parker Lane and Highway 39 has also been received. Once Mr. Clint Mims signs the document and takes receipt of the earnest money, the survey can be ordered.


Jones reported that County Attorney, Bill Mills, has decided that the best way to handle the disposition of the road bed on the abandoned Brackin Corner is with a quit claim deed. Mr. Mills will prepare the document and present it at a later meeting.


Committee Reports:


Chairman Rogers read a letter from citizen Roger Jillson, complementing the Sheriff’s Office and donating a sub-machine gun for their use.


Citizen’s Request:


During the August meeting, Ms. Ginger Weathersby, Seminole County DFCS Director, presented an update of the process for handling claims through her department. Ms. Weathersby reported that in the age of the Internet, a great many requests for services are filed on-line. This efficiency allows the staff the freedom of processing the requests from locations other than the local office. This streamlining of data caused the Atlanta office to consider moving the services to Atlanta. The regional and local staff was able to convince the State to keep the jobs here in Seminole County.

Ms. Weathersby asked the consent of the Commission to cut back on days the office would be open to the public. The days the office would be open, Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be coordinated with the Miller County office to make sure that a client can come to one of the offices any of the five days of the typical work week. Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to approve the request and Commissioner Brenda Peterson provided the second. Motion passed.


On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller with second by Commissioner Roger Lane, a forms burster machine in the Tax Assessor’s office was listed as surplus. This item will be listed for sale on govdeals.com. Motion passed.



New Business:


Road Department Superintendent, Bobby Aiken, submitted requests for approval to purchase three (3) pieces of equipment. All three pieces are to be funded through SPLOST.


The first piece of equipment is a tiller for roadside maintenance. The State uses this process to keep the soil from building up along the roads and creating a dam that results in water building up on the road surface resulting in erosion or other damages. Aiken borrowed a 72” tiller from the GDOT to try for a few days and would like to purchase a tiller like the State uses. Quotes are as follows:


Tractor Supply Co. (Bainbridge)…………….….$ 2,000

Northern Tool-Hawkline………………………….$ 2,099

Nichols Tractor-Bush Hog TOUGH……………...$ 3,300

Nichols Tractor-Bush Hog Rotary Tiller…………$ 6,500


On a motion by Commissioner Roger Lane, the low bidder, Tractor Supply Co. in Bainbridge was selected as the vendor for the tiller at $2,000 to be purchased through SPLOST. Commissioner Dell Shingler seconded the motion. Motion passed.



The second piece of equipment is to replace the 2004 John Deere #6420 Tractor. The tractor was purchased in 2004 for the purpose of pulling the batwing mower. The tractor size proved to be inadequate and resulted in transmission damage.  Commissioner Roger Lane made the motion to replace the failing machine with the New Holland TS6020 from Swain Equipment. The second was provided by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Swain Equipment will take the 2004 tractor as a trade-in for the amount of $15,500.


                        Perrin Farm Equip-Kubota M108SHDC2………..……$42,951

Swain Equipment-N.H. TS6020………………………$43,449

Northside New Holland-T5070………………………..$45,400

                        Northside New Holland-T6020………………………..$51,100

                        Northside New Holland-6030…………………………$56,900

                        Nichols Tractor-J.D.#7130…………………………….$67,500


                        Quotes to replace the 2004 Bush Hog Mower are as follows:

(We should be able to get $3k-$5k on gov.deals-or if the parts are interchangeable we could keep the Bush Hog for spare parts)


                        Swain Equipment-Modern Predator…………………$12,657

                        Northside New Holland-3715………………………….$14,780

                        Nichols Tractor-JD HX15 Flex-Wing…………………$15,900

                        Perrin Farm Equipment-#3715 Flex Wing…………….$15,900

Nichols Tractor-D.D. #3715 Flex Wing……………….$16,500


The motion to purchase the Predator model mower from Swain Equipment using SPLOST funds was made by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed.


On a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Ms. Margaret Hicks was approved to serve an additional term on the Seminole County DFCS Board. Ms. Hicks’ term will extend her service through June 30, 2016.


On a motion by Commissioner Roger Lane and seconded by Commissioner Dell Shingler Chairman Rogers was authorized to sign the supplemental agreement for the easement granted by the Corps of Engineers for the Burke Road bridge replacement project.


Mr. Joe Norman with Norman and Associates presented his contract renewal for Appraisal Services. The contract renewal is for the same amount as the last several years, $52,800. The contract represents 15% to 20% of all the improved parcels in Seminole County. This percentage is based on properties that have either sold, added new construction or had an appeal filed by the taxpayer. The maintenance contract renewal was approved on a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Roger Lane. Motion passed.


Secondly, Mr. Norman reported that the State suggests and in some cases demands all properties be re-appraised every three years.  Norman and Associates is willing to perform this service over the next three years for a total of $75,000. This amount will allow for putting another employee in the field going door to door gathering information and taking photos that can be put in the new software. The cost of the service would be spread over the three years at $25,000 per year.

After a brief discussion, the Commission stated that since this service had not been budgeted, for this fiscal year, they would look at it when they go into budget work sessions next spring for FY13.


The Commission discussed the engineered drawing that had been presented by Watkins & Associates for the engineering drainage and grounds project for the courthouse grounds. On a motion by Commissioner Scott Miller and seconded by Commissioner Roger Lane, the approval was given to turn the daily oversight of the project to the Buildings and Grounds Committee. This committee is served by Commissioner Dell Shingler and Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Once the project is to the progress point of selecting a vendor, the issue of selection will be brought to the full commission. Motion passed.


Commissioner Dell Shingler made the motion to once again run the newspaper ad for the sale of engraved bricks to be used in the courthouse grounds project. Commissioner Scott Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed.

It was noted that the cost of each brick before installation will be $25. After the bricks are installed the cost to have one engraved increases to $160 each due to having to bring the engraving equipment on site.


Commissioner Roger Lane made the motion to approve the road list submitted by Road Department Superintendent, Bobby Aiken, for the 2012 Off-System Safety Action Program. This list will be submitted to the State for 2012 and the project will be funded by the State during their 2013 fiscal year. Motion passed. The program includes road striping; replacement of roadside signs; installation of raised pavement markers and road reflectors.


After a brief discussion as to the eligibility of who falls under the county funded flu vaccination program, Commissioner Scott Miller made the motion that all county employees who are on the payroll, that is having taxes withheld from their paychecks, would qualify for receiving this service. Commissioner Roger Lane seconded the motion. Those persons who work as contract laborers for the County would not qualify for this service. Motion passed.


Also, it was noted that all employees on the UnitedHealthcare Group Insurance plan are eligible for a free flu shot at participating pharmacies; Rite Aid; CVS; Walgreen’s and Target. Employees must present their health insurance card to receive the inoculation.


Two bids were presented for selection on this year’s Off-System Safety Action Project.


Peek Pavement Marking, LLC (Columbus)……$69,572.25

Mid-State Construction (Perry)………………   $79,362.50


On a motion by Commissioner Dell Shingler the low bidder, Peek Pavement Marking was selected as the vendor for the contract amount of $69,572.25. The second to this motion was supplied by Commissioner Brenda Peterson. Motion passed.


On a motion by Commissioner Roger Lane and seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson  the Commission exited the General Session and entered into an Executive Session to discuss a real estate matter.


On a motion by Commissioner Brenda Peterson and seconded by Commissioner Scott Miller the Commission re-entered the General Session.






FYI: We have received the renewal quote for United Healthcare group health insurance for our full-time employees. The rate increase is 17.5% while the national average increase of premium is 15.45%. Three agencies are gathering census information to search for alternatives to the renewal.






With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Roger Lane, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, with Chairman Tommy Rogers voting yes.






Tommy Rogers

Brenda Peterson

Roger Lane

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller























I, Donna F. Jones, the duly appointed Clerk of Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia, and keeper of the minutes in and for the said Board of Commissioners, do hereby certify that the attached constitutes a full, complete and correct copy of the original minutes of a Regular Monthly Meeting held on September 13, 2011 approved by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners at a regular meeting held on October 11, 2011.  


            Given under my official signature and seal of office, on this the 11th day of October, 2011.



Donna F. Jones, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia