6:00 P.M.


The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regular Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the courthouse. Those present were, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Commissioner Roger Lane, Deputy Clerk Marian Jones and County Manager/Clerk Paula Granger.  Several county employees and citizens were also present.

The Regular Meeting was called to order by Chairman Dell Shingler.

The invocation was offered by Pastor Jimmy Dean.

The first order of business was to swear in Mr. Darius Culverson as the replacement for Tommy Rogers as Commissioner of District 5.  Joining Mr. Culverson for this occasion were his wife Patsy, his mother Louise Vanlandingham, and Pastor Jimmy Dean and his wife Pat.  The Honorable Judge Amos Sheffield officiated the swearing in of Mr. Darius Culverson.  Commissioner Culverson then joined the Commissioners to continue the meeting. 

Submission of Financial Statements and Minutes:

On a motion by Commissioner Lane with the second provided by Commissioner Miller, the minutes were approved for the Regular Monthly Meeting from November 8, 2011 and the Called Meeting held on November 18, 2011.  Motion passed with all commissioners voting yes.

On a motion by Commissioner Lane the October 2011 Financial Statement was approved. Commissioner Peterson provided the second. Motion passed with all commissioners voting yes.

Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:

Toby Roland, EMS Director, presented a plan for a disaster drill to help identify strengths and weaknesses of all emergency service responders.  Meetings will be held at the EMS training room.  Commissioner Lane offered his support from the Commission and plans to attend the meetings.

Heath Elliott, Sheriff, notified the Commissioners that Shane Trawick donated his time to spray weeds and place straw in the flower beds located at the Sheriff’s Office.  Commissioner Lane extended his thanks to Mr. Trawick.

County Attorney Report:

County Attorney, William “Bill” Mills, provided an updated status report to the Commissioners.  Mr. Mills provided the County Manager with an opinion letter to Wells Fargo for the lease/purchase of the ambulance remount.

Committee Reports:

End Gun Shut Off:

Commissioner Miller commented he would need to compile the information from a recent meeting and will provide an update at next meeting.  Further action was tabled until the January 2012 meeting.

Training School Gymnasium Update:

Commissioner Lane spoke with Mr. Herman Brookins regarding the use of Malcom Gymnasium.  The Recreation Department has been given permission to use Malcom Gymnasium and Commissioner Lane recommended Rambeau gymnasium be put up with the rest of the property for bid.  Chairman Shingler indicated the City declined gifting the property to them, and others have suggested putting it back on the tax digest. 

Mr. Lindsey Register indicated he received an email from Barbara Reddick concerning the possibility of grant funds for housing for disabled and senior citizens. Mr. Register stated the funds were nationwide, Chairman Shingler responded previous efforts to obtain such funds had not been successful.

A motion was made to table any further action until next month by Commissioner Peterson with a second provided by Commissioner Miller.  Motion passed with all voting yes.  

Citizens Request:

There were no citizen requests.

Old Business:

In regard to the County Courthouse Grounds Project Chairman Shingler reported she attended the city council meeting and was told they have no funds to assist repaving the roads around the courthouse.  The city had no objection to us proceeding with the project.  Chairman Shingler reported the deed work indicated that Shingler Street and Court Street are both county owned property. 

Commissioner Lane stated he would not be in favor of using road department SPLOST Funds on the Courthouse Project due to the condition of several other county roads and bridges needing attention, mainly Old Jakin Road and Harvel Pond Road.

Commissioner Lane made a motion to get estimates for sealing Harvel Pond Road and the Old Jakin Road, second was made by Commissioner Culverson.  All voted yes, motion passed.

Commissioner Culverson asked about compliance with handicap accessibility; County Attorney Bill Mills indicated we would be required to comply but he was not aware of any fines being imposed at this time for failure to do so.  Chairman Shingler made mention of a letter received several weeks ago from the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding an ADA transition plan questioning where the county stood on progress with the plan previously submitted and signed by Mr. Dan Ponder when he was chairman of the board.

After further discussion Commissioner Miller made a motion to request bids for Phase I of the Courthouse Grounds Project.  A second was provided by Commissioner Peterson.  All voting yes the motion passed. 

New Business:

Ms. Margo Harrell presented the findings of the FY-12 audit. The general fund showed an increase in its fund balance as well as proprietary fund which is the Transfer Station.  The revenues were over budget by $629,922.00.  The majority of that came from us collecting on approximately $300,000 of FEMA money from the 2009 flood.  Some departments went over budget but overall we were $144,000 less than budgeted.

Ms. Harrell offered to meet with commissioners in groups of two to go over the audit in greater detail.  Ms. Harrell stated the Probate and Magistrate offices are caught up; Tax Commissioners office, things look much better.  Probation Department is timely, everything is current.  Superior Court office is fine.  Ms. Harrell will be meeting with Ms. Granger after the first of the year to go over the financials of the county.  Overall everything looks good.

Georgia Pines submitted a request to re-appoint Ms. Beverly Burke to an additional two year term on the Community Service Board.  Commissioner Peterson made the motion and Commissioner Miller made the second to reappoint Ms. Burke.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

Southwest GA Regional Commission has requested the commission to appoint a private sector representative.  Ms. Brenda Broome was reappointed with a motion by Commissioner Lane and a second from Commissioner Miller.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

Tax Accessor’s office submitted a letter concerning property located at Map 2, Parcel 27, 17 acres 14th LD, LL 345.  County Manager Granger informed the commissioners that Mr. J.C. Earnest has been hired to review records from Decatur County to determine the rightful owner of the property.

A quote from Jonathan Ebersol Construction was presented to the commission for repairs to the Transfer Station.  Commissioner Lane provided a breakdown of the cost for the repair; Sheriff Elliot indicated some inmate labor had been used to make some improvement.  Clarification is needed from Road Department Superintendent Bobby Aiken before moving forward.  As only one bid has been received the item was tabled until next month with a motion from Commissioner Lane and second from Commissioner Peterson.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

The Road Department needs a replacement cutter head.  A quote in the amount of $7,381.00 from Diamond Mowers was presented for approval.  Commissioner Lane made a motion with a second from Commissioner Miller to approve the purchase with SPLOST funds.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission requested the County support the 5311 funding for transportation by allowing the Chairman to sign a resolution.  A motion was made by Commissioner Miller with a second from Commissioner Peterson.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

Fire Chief Travis Brooks submitted quotes for six sets of turnout gear for county volunteers.  Of the three quotes submitted the best price was $6,402.00 from Georgia Fire & Rescue Supply.  Chief Brooks did not attend the meeting.  Commissioner Culverson asked if all the volunteers were included, Iron City and Spring Creek, and Chairman Shingler indicated she thought requests were given to Chief Brooks for their needs.  Chairman Culverson indicated he knew Spring Creek was purchasing their own turnout gear and he feels there is a problem with the way the funds are given out to the county.  Commissioner Culverson requested an explanation of the distribution of funds; he then made a motion to table the item until next month with a second made by Commissioner Lane.  Motion passed with all voting yes.

Commissioner Culverson stated he was contacted by volunteer firemen regarding the $25 Christmas bonus that all county firemen had received in previous years.  The bonus was not given out in 2010 due to a few volunteers addressing the board indicating they were offended and insulted by the gift from the county.  Commissioner Culverson indicated that a few unhappy volunteers should not take the bonus away from the entire group.  Chairman Shingler stated the item was written out of the budget and she is not sure if funds are currently available to provide the bonus.  A motion was made by Commissioner Peterson to conduct research to see if the funds are available and if so to provide the volunteers with a $25 check.  Commissioner Lane asked if the bonus was also for Iron City and Spring Creek, the response from the Clerk was that it was for 42 county wide volunteers.  A second was made by Commissioner Miller.  Motion passed with all voting yes.   

A motion was made by Commissioner Miller and a second from Commissioner Peterson for the board to go in to executive session for a personnel matter. 

Motion was made by Commissioner Miller to come out of executive session, second by Commissioner Lane. 

Chairman Shingler reminded the group of the upcoming training session in Atlanta.

Chairman Shingler reported the Fire Department meetings will resume in January, 2012.

Chairman Shingler welcomed Paula Granger as the new county manager.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Lane, seconded by Commissioner Peterson.  All voted yes.




Brenda Peterson

Roger Lane

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Darius Culverson
















I, Paula L. Granger, the duly appointed Clerk of Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia, and keeper of the minutes in and for the said Board of Commissioners, do hereby certify that the attached constitutes a full, complete and correct copy of the original minutes of a Regular Monthly Meeting held on December 13, 2011 approved by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners at a regular meeting held on January 10, 2012.  


            Given under my official signature and seal of office, on this the 10th day of January 2012.



Paula L. Granger, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia







Paula L. Granger, CLERK












            Personally appeared before me the undersigned attesting officer, duly authorized to administer oaths, Chairman Dell Shingler, after being duly sworn, deposes and oath states the following:


(1)  I was the presiding officer of a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners held on

            The 13th day of December, 2011.


(2)  That it is my understanding that O.C.G.A. §50-14-14(b) provides as follows:

When any meeting of an agency is closed to the public pursuant to subsection (a) of this Code section, the chairperson or other person presiding over such meeting shall execute and file with the official minutes of the meeting a notarized affidavit stating under oath that the subject matter of the meeting or the closed portion thereof was devoted to matters within the exceptions provided by law and identifying the specific relevant exception.


(3)  The subject matter of the closed meeting or closed portion of the meeting held on the

            13th day of December, 2011 which was closed for the purpose of discussion of

[X] (1)  a personnel matter, or  [  ] (2)  a real estate matter, or  [  ] (3)  a matter of attorney-client privilege, either of which is recognized by O.C.G.A., Title 50, Chapter 14, and was devoted to matters within those exceptions and as provided by law.


(4)  This affidavit is being executed for the purpose of complying with the mandate of

            O.C.G.A. §50-14-4(b) that such an affidavit be executed.



This 13th Day of December, 2011



                                                                                                Chairman/Presiding Officer

                                                                                                            Dell M. Shingler



Sworn to and subscribed before me,

This  13th Day of December 2011.




                                                                                                Notary Public