6:00 P.M.


The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held their Regular Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the courthouse. Those present were, Commissioner Dell Shingler, Commissioner Scott Miller, Commissioner Roger Lane, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Commissioner Darius Culverson, and County Manager/Clerk Paula Granger.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Dell Shingler.

The invocation was offered by Vice Chairman Roger Lane.   

Submission of Financial Statements and Minutes:

On a motion by Commissioner Miller and second by Commissioner Peterson, the December 2011 Financial Statement was approved. All voted in favor, motion passed. 

On a motion by Commissioner Lane and second by Commissioner Culverson the minutes were approved for the Regular Monthly Meeting held January 10, 2012.  Motion carried with all commissioners voting yes.

Constitutional Officer and County Officer Response:

Probate / Magistrate Judge Amos Sheffield stated advance voting for the Presidential Preference Primary started in the Probate Office on Monday, February 13, 2012 and will continue through March 2nd, 2012.  A Saturday voting day is February 25th, 2012 from 9 am until 4 pm.   Regular voting day will be March 6th, 2012.

County Attorney Report:

County Attorney, William “Bill” Mills, provided an updated status report to the Commissioners and County Manager. 

Committee Reports:

End Gun Shut Off

Commissioner Miller submitted recommendations to the existing ordinance at the previous meeting.  All were in favor of the changes and Chairman Shingler suggested the ordinance be specified strictly “agricultural” related.  County Attorney Bill Mills will update the ordinance.

Farmers Market

County Manager Granger informed the board that the Farmers Market committee members including Bobby Aiken, Road Department Superintendent, and Fire Chief Travis Brooks were all in agreement with a short term lease as agreed upon at their committee meeting held February 8, 2012.  The committee recommends an inventory of all county property currently stored at the facility and photos of the building and grounds prior to the lease.  County attorney Bill Mills recommended a one million dollar liability policy and workers compensation as a minimum requirement.  Commissioner Miller made a motion to charge $250 per month and a second was provided by Commissioner Culverson.  Commissioner Lane stated he was not in favor of leasing the facility based on a recommendation from the Road Department Superintendent and Fire Chief.  Four commissioners voted in favor of the lease amount of $250, Commissioner Lane opposed, motion passed.  County Attorney Mills will prepare a lease agreement for the board to review.

Fire Department Committee

Commissioner Culverson informed the board that the timber had been cut and the road department was in the process of clearing the property.  Proceeds from the timber were approximately $2500.

Building and Grounds

A meeting was held with Stacy Watkins on February 13, 2012 to discuss the grounds project. 

Mr. Watkins is close to putting this project out for bids.  A discussion regarding the bid process for each phase ended with an agreement to request bids for phases 1, 2 and 3.  This will not obligate the county to complete the entire project; the board will have the option to select which phase to start with and only complete one phase if so desired.  Commissioner Miller made a motion to put the project out for bids, a second was provided by Commissioner Peterson.  All in favor, motion passed.

Road Department

Chairman Shingler notified the group the Road Department has received their new excavator and the board needed to vote on a resolution for the lease/purchase agreement.  Commissioner Lane made a motion to sign the resolution, a second was provided by Commissioner Miller.  All in favor, motion passed.

County Manager Granger will be setting up a meeting with Golden Triangle and the Corp of Engineers to review the Nichols Subdivision project.  The survey has been completed by Stacy Watkins and he expects to have permits in the spring and begin construction in summer. Total cost is approximately $230,000 with $90,000 of that being awarded by Golden Triangle.

County Manager Granger informed the group one quote has been received for sealing cracks on Harvel Pond and Old Jakin Road and we are still waiting on additional quotes. 

Commissioner Lane stated the repairs to the Transfer Station have been completed.

Citizen Requests

Ms. Millie Rambeau addressed the board with a request to rename Saddle Club Road as John W. Rambeau Road, honoring her late husband.  Ms. Rambeau provided a list of names supporting the road name change, however, not all residents of Saddle Club Road signed the petition.  The item was tabled pending research by County Attorney Mills and development of a policy on renaming roads in the county.  

Commissioner Lane mentioned John Sam Road.  The road is listed incorrectly on the county map.  Commissioner Lane made a motion to have County Attorney Mills research the process and develop a policy, once completed we will consider the changing of road names.

Sheriff Elliot addressed the board regarding the list previously mentioned by Commissioner Culverson.  There are many roads in the county with similar names that present a problem for law enforcement and EMS during emergency situations.  Commissioner Culverson made the second, all in favor, so moved.

Mr. Register addressed the board concerning the restoration of the Seminole County Training School.  He recently spoke with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and it was suggested to attempt a community development block grant for the auditorium.   Mr. Register stated if the repairs were under $300,000 there would be no county matching funds required.  Citizen Mitch Blanks asked if the county has any insurance on the building.  Commissioner Peterson stated she would speak with Ms. Reddick before the next meeting to gather additional information regarding the property and any funding. 

Old Business

County Manager Granger informed the board that work was now complete on determining ownership of land located on Map 2, Parcel 27, 17 acres 14th LD, LL 345.  Rightful ownership has been determined to be the citizen requesting the refund of her taxes.  The property was deeded to her in March, 1982, deed book 94, page 589 therefore this is no longer an issue for the county. 

New Business

Ms. Annie Ruth Calloway requested the County pay her mileage for trips to Camilla for her participation in the Southwest Georgia Housing Taskforce. This is a joint appointment by the City and County, however, the City has been paying her expenses.  On a motion by Commissioner Peterson and a second by Commissioner Miller, the county will pay Ms. Calloway every other month for her mileage to Camilla, and no retroactive payments will be made.  All in favor, motion passed.

The board voted in March, 2011 to grant a 3 year tax exemption for the Donalsonville Country Club.  A vote is required the 2nd and 3rd year as well as a thorough review of their financial statements. Based on their review of the financial statements, Commissioner Lane made a motion to continue the tax exemption; the second was provided by Commissioner Culverson.  Commissioner Peterson and Chairman Shingler agreed with the motion, while Commissioner Miller abstained from the discussion and vote.  All others voted in favor, motion passed.

Sheriff Elliot spoke with the board on behalf of Paula Whaley, 911 Director.  Ms. Whaley submitted a quote from ez911, Inc. for an addressing project in the amount of $26,500.00.  This will update the map system with 911 addresses and would work with the system currently in place. This may possibly work in conjunction with the flyover required by the Tax Assessors office.  Currently the Code Enforcer is notifying the 911 Director of new construction in the county; however, there is no follow through with a description of the building.  Commissioner Miller made a motion to approve the purchase using 911 funds; a second was made by Commissioner Lane.  All in favor, motion passed. 

The Seminole County Library Board of Trustees recommended the reappointment of Ms. Martha Register and Ms. Corene Hamilton for another three year term.  Commissioner Peterson made a motion to reappoint Ms. Register and Ms. Hamilton, Commissioner Miller provided the second.  All were in favor, motion passed.

Chairman Shingler addressed the board regarding an in town meeting expense of $25.00 for commissioners.  Chairman Shingler stated that several commissioners are attending in town meetings, sometimes three in one day.  Commissioner Peterson asked if the funds for this were already in the budget, Chairman Shingler stated we could amend the budget.  Superior Court Clerk Earlene Bramlett asked if this was a common practice for this size county, Chairman Shingler responded that commissioners in other counties are receiving insurance and more compensation.  Chairman Shingler also stated they (Seminole County Commissioners) are at the bottom of the list as far as compensation.  It was previously voted to not offer insurance to the commissioners in order to save the county money.  Mitch Blanks, City Council Member, stated he does not receive any compensation for meetings in the city, only the base compensation.  Chairman Shingler stated her concern was for future commissioners; their time will not be free.  J.R. McMillan stated the county fire department volunteers do not receive any compensation.  Commissioner Peterson stated she would prefer to look at the upcoming budget and determine what could be done for county employees first and go from there.

Chairman Shingler commented on a recent letter to the editor of The Donalsonville News regarding the lack of support from elected officials in relation to Mediacom dropping Dothan station WTVY.  Chairman Shingler asked for approval for County Manager Granger to submit a letter to Mediacom expressing our dissatisfaction.  Commissioner Lane made a motion for the County Manager to submit a letter to Mediacom expressing the view of our citizens and request they restore WTVY to their programming schedule.  Second was provided by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion passed.

Stacy Watkins submitted a contract for his services relating to the Borrow Pit.  County Manager Granger informed the group turnaround time for the permit is about six months and we are in need of dirt.  On a recommendation from County Attorney Mills a motion was made by Commissioner Peterson and seconded by Commissioner Miller to sign the contract.  All in favor, motion passed. 

On a motion from Commissioner Miller and a second from Commissioner Peterson the board entered into Executive Session for a personnel matter.  All in favor, motion passed.

On a motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Peterson, the Commission re-entered the General Session. No action was taken in the Executive Session regarding the personnel matter.  All in favor, motion passed.

Chairman Shingler announced the Fire Department Committee will be meeting following each regular commission meeting and all commissioners are part of the committee.

The Annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner Meeting is Thursday, February 23, 2012, 7:00 p.m. High School Cafeteria.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Commissioner Scott Miller, seconded by Commissioner Brenda Peterson, all in favor, motion passed. 


ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF MARCH, 2012



Brenda Peterson

Roger Lane

Dell Shingler

Scott Miller

Darius Culverson










































































I, Paula L. Granger, the duly appointed Clerk of Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia, and keeper of the minutes in and for the said Board of Commissioners, do hereby certify that the attached constitutes a full, complete and correct copy of the original minutes of a Regular Monthly Meeting held on February 14, 2012, approved by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners at a regular meeting held on March 13, 2012.  


            Given under my official signature and seal of office, on this the 13th day of March, 2012.



Paula L. Granger, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia







Paula L. Granger, CLERK











































            Personally appeared before me the undersigned attesting officer, duly authorized to administer oaths, Chairman Dell Shingler who, after being duly sworn, deposes and oath states the following:


(1)  I was the presiding officer of a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners held on

            this 14th day of February, 2012.


(2)  That it is my understanding that O.C.G.A. §50-14-14(b) provides as follows:

When any meeting of an agency is closed to the public pursuant to subsection (a) of this Code section, the chairperson or other person presiding over such meeting shall execute and file with the official minutes of the meeting a notarized affidavit stating under oath that the subject matter of the meeting or the closed portion thereof was devoted to matters within the exceptions provided by law and identifying the specific relevant exception.


(3)  The subject matter of the closed meeting or closed portion of the meeting held on the

            14th day of February, 2012 which was closed for the purpose of discussion of

[X] (1)  a personnel matter, or  [  ] (2)  a real estate matter, or  [  ] (3)  a matter of attorney-client privilege, either of which is recognized by O.C.G.A., Title 50, Chapter 14, and was devoted to matters within those exceptions and as provided by law.


(4)  This affidavit is being executed for the purpose of complying with the mandate of

            O.C.G.A. §50-14-4(b) that such an affidavit be executed.



This 14th Day of February, 2012



                                                                                                Chairman/Presiding Officer

                                                                                                            Dell M. Shingler



Sworn to and subscribed before me,

This  14th Day of February 2012.




                                                                                                Notary Public