9:00 A.M.



The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held a Called Meeting on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 in the Law Library.  Those present were Chairman Roger Lane, Vice Chairman Dell Shingler, Commissioner Darius Culverson, Commissioner Chuck Orrick, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, and County Manager / Clerk Paula Granger.  Several employees were also in attendance.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lane.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the invocation was given by Commissioner Culverson.


Chairman Lane requested a motion to amend the agenda to discuss the TAVT commissions being collected by the Tax Commissioner.  A motion was given by Commissioner Culverson with a second by Commissioner Orrick.  All in favor, motion passed.


New Business:


County Manager Granger stated several months ago Tax Commissioner Hornsby informed her a 2.5% TAVT commission could be collected from the Board of Education and was considered a different “entity” than addressed in an agreement made between the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education over twenty years ago.  Collection of the TAVT fees for the months of March and April equates to $125.59.  These fees are calculated from the monthly “true up” amount and the annualized budgeted income was approximately $1,000.  County Manager Granger stated she had searched for the agreement and reviewed minutes from twenty plus years ago and found the following:  On May 19th, 1988, the minutes state “a motion was made by Commissioner Barbara Eubanks with a second by Commissioner Phillip Hornsby to charge the School Board 2% to collect their taxes.  Motion carried with Commissioners Eubanks, Hornsby, and Copeland voting yes.  Voting no was Commissioner Moore.”  Minutes from a Public Hearing held on Tuesday, May 29th, 1990, states “it was also noted that the increase in ad valorem taxes from the FY 89-90 budget was $34,435, with $26,576 of this amount would have been for charging 2% commissions for the School Board for collecting their taxes which the Board agreed to discontinue.”  On June 9th, 1998, the agenda indicates the Board of Commissioners will discuss charging the school board for collecting taxes; however, no minutes have been located.


County Manager Granger stated she contacted Mr. Monroe Bonner to request a copy of the agreement from twenty years ago and was informed there was no written agreement.  Mrs. Granger emailed copies of the minutes to Mr. Dave Wills of ACCG for review.  Mr. Clint Mueller from ACCG phoned Mrs. Granger in response to the email and stated the decision to not collect fees could not be made by the Board of Commissioners; a local act through the General Assembly is required. Also, an email was sent to all Tax Commissioners across the state with thirty eight counties responding.  Only one indicated they were not collecting the fee.  Vice Chairman Shingler requested County Manager Granger find out how much the School Board contributes to the Library and the amount of fees we could have collected if the agreement was not in place.


Chairman Lane addressed a recent purchase of tires for the tanker truck at Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department.  This truck is the only tanker in the county and responds to all fires in the county.  Following an inspection by Fire Chief Brooks, the tires were deemed unsafe.  Commissioner Culverson contacted Chairman Lane about the necessity to replace the tires and Chairman Lane approved the purchase in the amount of approximately $3400.  Vice Chairman Shingler stated the Board should have voted on the tires, and we have never bought tires for the trucks before.  Chairman Lane stated this was an emergency purchase and a safety concern for the volunteers who operate the truck.  Vice Chairman Shingler stated she did not feel her district had been represented if she was not aware of the purchase, Chairman Lane responded her district is represented when the truck arrives at a fire in her district.  Following a discussion on purchases for the volunteer fire departments, Commissioner Culverson requested a representative from each fire department and Chief Brooks attend the next meeting to address comments from Vice Chairman Shingler.  The Board will be given a report of all purchases at their Regular Monthly Meeting as requested by Vice Chairman Shingler.  Commissioner Orrick made a motion to approve the purchase of the tires, Vice Chairman Shingler provided the second.  All in favor, motion passed. 


County Manager Granger requested the Board adjust her spending limit from $500 to $1,000.  Commissioner Culverson stated he was not in agreement with adjusting the spending limit; however, Vice Chairman Shingler made a motion to raise the limit to $1,000.  A second was provided by Commissioner Peterson.  All in favor, motion passed. 


Old Business:


Selling personal time was tabled from the last monthly meeting.  As it currently stands, employees are allowed to sell 80 hours of personal time in lieu of taking the time off.  In the past year, various departments have allowed employees to sell personal time in excess of the 80 hour limit.  Following the June monthly meeting, Sheriff Elliott agreed to limit his employees to 80 hours unless there is an emergency situation; in this event, Sheriff Elliott will determine if additional time can be sold.  Clerk of Superior Court Bramlett and Tax Commissioner Hornsby have not exceeded the 80 hour limit.  Judge Sheffield was invited to attend the meeting to discuss the issue but was unable to attend.  County Manager Granger stated personal time is an earned benefit and selling it prevents paying overtime in some positions.  Chairman Lane suggested adding a hardship clause to the policy allowing employees to sell additional hours of their personal time.  County Manager Granger requested the Board include the hardship clause in the policy and approval of any hardship requests be determined by the Board at their Regular Monthly Meeting. Commissioner Orrick made a motion to make the change to the policy and Commissioner Culverson provided the second.  All in favor, motion passed.  Constitutional Officers will make the determination for employees in their departments. 


Also tabled from the last monthly meeting was the vehicle allowance for various employees. This topic has been discussed for over a year and needs to be resolved.  Commissioner Culverson made a motion to leave the vehicles as currently set, Commissioner Orrick provided the second.  All in favor, motion passed.   Chairman Lane later readdressed the vehicle allowance and brought up the request from the Coroner.  Commissioner Culverson stated the Sheriff indicated he had a vehicle available for the Coroner to use.  Vice Chairman Shingler stated she wanted to take back her prior vote. 


Vice Chairman Shingler stated Bobby Aiken carries equipment in his truck in the event of situations that require him to report to work after hours or on the weekend.  Mr. Aiken normally responds first since he is salaried.  A motion to rescind the previous vote was given by Vice Chairman Shingler, Commissioner Peterson made a second.  All in favor, motion passed.   Chairman Lane requested a motion from the Board to provide Bobby Aiken, Mark Hawkins, Richard Adams, and Gerald Worthy with a county vehicle to use for official county business.  Gerald Worthy will leave his personal vehicle at the Sheriff’s Office and pick up the county truck to transport inmates to and from the Transfer Station.  The county truck will be left inside the gate at the jail overnight.  EMS Director Toby Roland will drive his personal vehicle to and from work; the EMS vehicle will be available for his use during work hours for official county business.  If Director Roland is required to report back to work after hours, he will be paid mileage.  Tax Assessor Gayla Barton will drive her personal vehicle to and from work.  The truck used by the Tax Assessors will remain at the courthouse and can be used by county officials and department heads for official county business.  A log will be kept in the truck to track usage.  The car requested by the Coroner will be left up to the Sheriff.  Vice Chairman Shingler made a motion to accept the request as stated with an effective date of July 8, 2013; Commissioner Orrick provided the second.  All in favor, motion passed.   County Manager will check on insurance coverage.       


County Manager Granger provided the Board with a property maintenance guide for review.  Code Enforcement Officer Mark Hawkins and Mrs. Granger will begin developing the guidelines for the nuisance ordinance.




Commissioner Culverson requested an update on the Genesis Group.  An email from Mark Llewellyn, CEO/President of the Genesis Group, was provided to the Board.  The email requested the Board allow the Genesis Group to rebid the project at no cost, however, the Board previously voted to sever ties with the Genesis Group and hire Stacy Watkins to take over the project. 


Vice Chairman Shingler requested an update on increases for the employees in the Magistrate/Probate Office.  County Manager Granger stated Judge Sheffield included increases in his budget that was adopted by the Board on May 30th, 2013.  The increases were made effective June 1st as he requested.  Constitutional Officers have the authority to adjust wages for their employees with or without approval of the Board of Commissioners, as long funding is available in their approved budget.  County Manager Granger stated adjustments to wages also took place following adoption of the budget for fiscal year 13. This year all departments requested increases for their employees; however, the Board did not approve any increases.  It was noted during a budget cutting year, the Magistrate/Probate Office went against all other departments by giving employees in that department increases.     


Commissioner Culverson stated he was confronted by 911 employees regarding the difference in wages as compared to courthouse employees.  The issue of longevity versus wages was addressed; however, it is not a fair comparison to the work done in the courthouse.  County Manager Granger will conduct a wage survey for dispatchers in surrounding areas. 


Vice Chairman Shingler stated Marian Jones indicated she was promised a $1 increase in pay by Donna Jones.  County Manager Granger stated she did not have anything in writing indicating a raise was to be given.  


Commissioner Orrick suggested we look at a Regional 911. 


Commissioner Culverson stated he was offended by county employees posting work related information on Facebook.  County Manager Granger stated detailed information similar to a 911 log was shown to her by EMS employees.  Vice Chairman Shingler requested a printout of the information and Chairman Lane stated it would be addressed at the upcoming Regular Meeting.


County Manager Granger informed the group about the upcoming Legislative Conference in Athens. 




With there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Commissioner Orrick.  A second was given by Commissioner Culverson.  All in favor, motion passed.





ADOPTED THIS __________ DAY OF JULY, 2013


Brenda Peterson

Roger Lane

Dell Shingler

Chuck Orrick

Darius Culverson
















I, Paula L. Granger, the duly appointed Clerk of Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia, and keeper of the minutes in and for the said Board of Commissioners, do hereby certify that the attached constitutes a full, complete and correct copy of the original minutes of a Called Meeting held on July 2nd, 2013, approved by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners at a Regular Meeting held on July 9th, 2013.  


            Given under my official signature and seal of office, on this the 9th day of July, 2013. 



Paula L. Granger, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of Seminole County, Georgia