9:00 A.M.

The Seminole County Board of Commissioners held a Called Meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 in the Superior Courtroom located on the second floor of the Courthouse. Those present were Vice Chairman Shelia Williams, Commissioner Mark Spooner, Commissioner Brenda Peterson, Commissioner Darius Culverson, and County Manager/Clerk Paula Granger.

The purpose of the meeting was to appoint a Chairman and Vice Chairman and determine the selection process to fill District 4 Commissioner due to the resignation of Mr. Roger Lane.

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Williams.

The invocation was given by Commissioner Culverson followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call was conducted and a quorum was established.

New Business

Vice Chairman Williams stated Mr. Lane had resigned and his knowledge and wisdom will be greatly missed.

Commissioner Peterson shared her concerns regarding her fellow commissioners phoning each other and discussing nominations without including her. She also commented she had served as Chairman and Vice Chairman on various boards including the Regional Commission and as Vice Chairman for Seminole County; however, in the past she hadnít desired the Chairman appointment due to wanting Mr. Lane to have the appointment because it was his passion to serve in that role. Commissioner Peterson went on to say she wanted citizens in her district and Seminole County to know that decisions are settled prior to the meeting and the Board just goes through the motions at the meeting. Commissioner Peterson also questioned why other Commissioners wanted Commissioner Spooner appointed due to his short time on the Board when she has been on the board the longest and is now in her 3rd term. Commissioner Peterson thanked others for their concern regarding the health of her husband, but stated she would like to make the choice and determine what is best for her.

Chairman Williams thanked Commissioner Peterson for her comments. Commissioner Culverson commented he was lost in the discussion in regard to asking someone to serve and they all had to work as a team. County Manager Granger stated she had sent a text message to Commissioners Spooner, Culverson, and Peterson asking if they were interested in either appointment; Commissioner Peterson responded by text she was interested, Commissioner Spooner responded by text he would think about it; Commissioner Culverson did not respond.

County Manager Granger discussed the procedure for the appointment of Chairman and Vice Chairman; three votes are required to pass a motion. All four members of the Board are eligible for either appointment.

Commissioner Culverson made a motion to nominate Vice Chairman Williams as Chairman; a second was given by Commissioner Spooner. Commissioners Spooner, Culverson, and Vice Chairman Williams were in favor; Commissioner Peterson opposed. Motion passed.

Chairman Williams asked for a nomination for Vice Chairman. Commissioner Spooner remarked he would like to nominate Commissioner Peterson if she would accept and Commissioner Culverson made a second. Commissioner Spooner commented he had only served a short time and the appointment was not about power, it was about representation. All in favor, motion passed.

County Manager Granger stated she had talked with County Attorney Mills and Dave Wills regarding the appointment of a citizen to represent District 4 and suggested advertising the vacancy throughout the month of May requesting that interested citizens residing in District 4 submit a letter of interest to be considered for the appointment. A motion to advertise the vacancy and accept letters of interest was made by Commissioner Spooner with a second by Commissioner Culverson. All in favor, motion passed.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Commissioner Culverson with a second by Commissioner Spooner. All in favor, motion passed.


Mark Spooner

Brenda Peterson

Shelia Williams

Darius Culverson